If the news making the round is anything to go by, the Saudi Arabia Blackwater military contractor beckoned on by President Mohammadu Buhar, to help the Nigerian Army fight the Niger Delta Avengers, a militia group which has claimed responsibility of destroying oil installations in the region has arrived.
It would be recall that President Buhari may have struck a $258 million deal with the Saudi Arabia ‘Blackwater’ military contractor to help the Nigerian Armed Forces in fighting militants in the oil-rich Niger Delta region in the southern part of Nigeria.

According to a website, Vaxity, a staff of the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Nigeria confirmed the deal which is “part of the agreement in the Saudi-led Sunni Islamic coalition against terrorism” which President Buhari signed up for on behalf of Nigeria.
The deal, is specifically targeted at fighting the militants in the Niger Delta and nothing to do with combating the two globally recognised terrorist groups in Nigeria – Boko Haram, the world’s deadliest and the Fulani herdsmen militia, now the deadliest terrorist group in Nigeria, the report disclosed.
A Yemeni army spokesperson revealed in February 2016 that mercenaries from US private security firm, Black-water are among the 400 Saudi military contractors fighting in the country.
The Niger Delta Avengers, said it does not care if the Buhari-led government hires mercenaries from Saudi Arabia or anywhere to fight them.
Reacting to online reports of the president’s deal with Saudi mercenaries to combat the group, spokesperson of the Avengers, Brigadier General Mudoch Agbinibo said that the militants are not disturbed by the report.


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