41 Years Old ADP Presidential Aspirant, Mathias Baba Tsado Popularly known as MBT has released his six (6) points Manifesto he titles “THE DIFFERENCE” Read after the cut………………..


Haven waited in hope for so many years, it’s only natural for all of us to become agitated and frustrated with those who promised us a better tomorrow in our yesterday, this call is for those who have waited and are tired of waiting. It’s time for The Difference


My vision is to build Nigeria into a world economic superpower, a highly confident, motivated and productive citizen, a fully industrialized nation, secured for all her occupants.


Our mission is to take our nation away from resources based economy, and build a system that thrives on the creativity and innovative abilities of people, that shall turn the natural resources of our nation into finished good for the benefit of all our citizens.



  • Equal dispensation of Justice.
  • Extermination of Immunity Clause.
  • Separation of Law enforcement from the executive.
  • Overhaul of the judicial system/upgrade.
  • Construction of rehabilitations centers/prisons.
  • Abolition of secrete trials/ open court proceedings.
  • Police sophistication.
  • Data and Forensic capabilities.


  • Full implementation of MIN (Make in Nigeria) Policy within two years.
  • Full scale industrialization.
  • Implementation of PIB.
  • Conversion of NNPC to a National company listed on stock market for citizens shares.
  • Conversion of the University of Technologies into skill acquisition Institutions
  • Aggressive tax reforms. Streamline and tax cut.
  • Adjustment in macroeconomics.
  • Prudent and transparent fiscal policy.
  • Vibrant investment council set up
  • Ease of doing business.
  • Reduction of cost governance.
  • Digitalization of contract process.
  • Central procurement unit.
  • SMEs revolution patronage and access to funds.
  • SMEs Security Exchange Commission
  • Full deregulation of the power sector
  • Improvement in the service industries
  • Modernization of the agricultural sector
  • Revitalization of THE NIGERIAN AIRWAYS


  • Central data bank.
  • Aggressive data collection and synchronization.
  • Police reforms including state policing/ community policing.
  • Street numbering.
  • Boarder control/security (full technological surveillance)
  • Social security number.
  • Forensic capability.
  • Adequate renumbering and welfare of the security agencies.
  • International security network
  • Equipping the security agencies
  • Review of our port services


  • Comprehensive educational reform
  • Review of teachers’ remuneration and review of teachers’ welfare.
  • Focus on technical skills acquisition
  • Free and compulsory primary and secondary education
  • Review of educational tax from current 2% to 4.5% for companies and individuals to pay a 1% of net income after tax
  • Partnership with corporate Nigeria for educational support funds
  • Overhaul/rebuilding of all unity schools and federal government colleges within the period of three years.
  • Provision of educational loans for students of higher institutions.
  • Annual allocation of 30% of the total budget to education
  • All educational taxes shall be invested directly into the educational sector
  • Research and Development shall be given top priority


  • The government shall pursue ambitious housing target of providing home for at least 20million citizens
  • Review and amendment of The land use act of 1978
  • Building of four (4) modern cities to accommodate 4million people each.
  • Review of pension act to allow individuals use their pensions as cash-backed collaterals to secure housing loans from the banks
  • Review of the mortgage and insurance scheme


  • Review the national healthcare insurance policy to accommodate more subscription
  • To embark on construction of four (4) world standard hospitals in each of the four new cities
  • Improve the condition of service to enable us retain our best medical practitioners
  • Improve investment in the pharmaceutical sector to encourage R & D in the sector
  • Immediate overhaul and equipping of all federal medical centers and Teaching Hospitals
  • Activation of birth registers


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