Why are we cursed? Why are we proud? Why is it in our bloodline? Why can’t we help our people? Why is it a crime to be Yala?

Every part of the world and Nigeria in particular is known for its peculiarities, if you don’t know yours, mine (Yala speaking Nation of Cross River State, Nigeria) is known for what forms the above questions.

I grew up in part of Nigeria that loves one another, their names open doors but a name from Yala is a closed door once it mentioned, I wouldn’t know the antecedents but I have heard sad stories from friends/relatives who are victims of these circumstances in different places both home and abroad. It is highly unthinkable that you hate your people because you are opportune to be lifted and placed in a position where people could run to you for help which I will in my little way be happy to do good to my people.

For me, we have two (2) tribes in Nigeria YALA and the REST! Why not be proud of your place and be helpful to your people, what goes around comes around. What would you be remembered for? Little opportunity you have, affect lives positively, empower your people, make them feel special, proud and happy of their place because if you deny them of any opportunity reason that they are Yala which has been happening, they will be careful of the next place they enter! Nothing last forever, the highest investment in life is human capital! Why not live and let others live Ayi Yala? When will your people be happy to announce that they are Yala and they received help for being Yala? We only do well to people from the outside community.








Where is Mr. JOHN ODEY (Former Minister of Information/Communication) today?  Little did he know that his world would come crashing so soon when he was stripped off everything he is got? Can he boost of anybody in Yala who got succor from his mighty days? But he got his breakthrough from somebody who was there before him! Today boys you would have helped yesterday are better than you and I hear you looking for what to do now, isn’t that shameful?  See how the mighty are diminishing because they never allowed others to live while they lived. What glories have you to live ON? No pedigree, no good reputations back home, only wickedness, hatred and greed of the highest order that’s maiming your existence. I need no one to tell me you live in regret, disgust, anguish and recalcitrant of your act in raining days! Hello sir, nothing last forever and I wish our well-meaning YALA bigwigs will learn lessons from this and turn a new live as I conclude on you sir! Your reign was a total mirage to YALANATION.








SEN. DR. ROSE OKOJI OKO you are virtually nothing to write home about for the Yala Nation, your reign has brought more disgrace to Yala instead of blessings! never accessible to anybody; we all understand how tough leadership is but why are you accessible only when the elections are here?  Sen. Rose Oko is one Distinguished Personality that her constituents are the worst thing that can happen to her. you are one individual who refused to believe that the only thing that’s constant in life is CHANGE because of your greed, self centeredness, never helpful to your people yet you go back every electioneering seasons for my Mother, Father, siblings and the rest my relatives that I struggle hard to make them live to vote for you when I know all you do is to enrich yourself careless of your constituents?  When you never mean well for them? Am particular about you because you owe your constituents everything, you were elected into office by these same people and you need to be good to them: Why being deceived with eulogies by people around you?  These people won’t tell you the truth because you are their pay mistress! Get the bitter truth today, nobody says anything good about you apart from the people under your payroll and it a bad omen not only to your political carrier because you have seen the better days but life generally. If you make it to the senate again which I know is never possible, I will wish you well only when you turn a new live! You are hostile, Rude, intolerable and cruel to your people, it is unruly to your electorates. You will rather hire Yorubas, Igbos and other tribes to work for you than calling people from your place, how have you empower your constituents? It is highly opprobrium, change your ways for the days ahead.



Air Vice Marshal Clement Ogbeche You are a vibrant man in the Nigerian Force, well positioned as a Director in the Defense headquarters, Abuja but what good story do you have for yourself? I will advice you go on a random sampling to have a deduction on the opinion your people holds. Begin to help people Sir, its still Morning, let your today speak for your tomorrow, there is no prize in being cruel and it takes nothing to be good to people, let your people be proud about you sir. Everyone who comes around you detest the self centeredness character you exhibit, empower people around you, get people into positions hence you have the privilege; you surely will reap from being good in the latter days. This is rhetorical! How many Yala sons and Daughters are in the force today through you? Think about it.










Prince Akawaji Offiono popularly known as Akwase, A few youth sing praise of you, keep the live and let others live spirit! do not oppress the “HAVE NOT” because you belong to the HAVES today, remember how you shuttle between Lagos and Calabar for the better life you live today, someone gave you the helping hand and the table can easily turnaround, today you have become the paymaster to the Son of the Former minister of Information (Mr. John Odey) but believe me he wouldn’t have employed your child when he was the minister even though you both have old stories to tell, he spent fortune training his child abroad which is a good thing, is his child not suppose to be living on his Father’s pedigree? Continue in the good part, empower people, support the youth, indulge in community development projects, give back to the society and see how you soar higher.










Engr. Comas Ekawu is rear gem, humility is the part he chooses to follow, supporting and helping his people tops his priority, you make me have different feelings about the YALA PEOPLE: sometimes am tempted to compel you to finding your true origin because I see you are void of our peculiarities (PRIDE). If everyone gets on your shoes, YALANATION will soon become a better place for all. I read with great delight on the Social Media the first time I got to know your name when you advertise for the services of Artesian with specification that says “YALA People” giving priority to your people and it cut my attention to finding out about this person who would want to help his people not minding if the people become richer than him which could be the reason why the rest wouldn’t do it and it raised a lot of dust on social media but you stood your ground by replying everybody why YALA1st, this act alone is applaud-able and gives believing spirit that you will be best, reason why we should compel you into elective position were our interest will surely be protected. I could say unequivocally that in every contract you execute in your professional carrier as an Engineer, 80% of professionals on your site are Yala, it a thing of joy to finally see someone who puts YALA1st in his dealings and I encourage you to continue in this part, set the records for others to follow. I know YALA Will Be Great Again through you.










Chief Paul Santos your name is mentioned in this article not because you have been the best of all neither the worst of all like Senator Dr. Rose Oko and Mr. John Odey but don’t forget your little beginning, life’s best could be here now and it no more in a moment, remember where you coming from when it rains on your roof, give helping hands to many as you can, hoping to be remembered for good when you are no more. I heard majority of your staff in your Abuja Hospitality business are Yala and your Agro farm creates a lot of opportunities for yala! Keep putting YALA1ST in everything, it gives happy ending and you are part of people who treasure where you come from, I respect your ingenuity.










Hon. Gabriel Bravo Oluohu Supervisory Councilor Health, Abuja Municipal Area council, our research revealed that a considerable numbers of Yala indigenes got employment through you at AMAC, we also found out that you have it upon yourself to support in providing better life to people from your place, I am happy we have people like you, the world is hearing of your good. If you don’t have a benevolence spirit, you won’t be used to act as one.

This article is not intended to be disrespectful to anybody mentioned above but a wakeup call to our people to help the youths, empower them, help others to grow like others are doing, let the merry go round, change the perception everyone holds about us!.

We want Yala where everyone is happy to announce

We want Yala that is known for supporting its people

We want a NEW YALA void of Pride and GREED.

We want Yala where helping our people is our priority

We want Yala1st in everything we do.


My Name is Emma Bricks Oko

I Am Yala by Tribe.


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