I taught 2face how to make music_Blackface continues to seek justice against 2Baba


Blackface is hoping the law will do well to uphold the justice he seeks against 2face over copyright infringement and theft allegations.

Blackface continues to bear his mind on his reservations towards former Plantashun Boiz music mate 2face Idibia who now goes by the name 2Baba.

Blackface and 2face Idibia were part of the defunct group, Plantashun Boiz, which also featured Faze.

This follows his being served papers from Idibia’s lawyers asking him to tender a public apology for making defamatory statements against 2face accusing him of song theft and copyright infringement.

This time he accuses the ‘African queen’ crooner of bribing the media and attempting to gain sympathy from the public and media by posting the letters online among other gist.

Responding to the NET on several questions thrown at him regarding the 2face quagmire.

Efe Omorogbe

Blackface addresses 2face’s manager Efe Omorogbe claim to have written the song ‘African queen’, saying Efe was never in the picture during the era of the Plantashun Boiz.

“Efe Omorogbe claims to be a writer in that song. How can Omorogbe say he wrote my song when I was in Plantashun Boiz. Where did Efe Omorogbe come from? Where was he when I started my career?”

On why it is taking long for him Blackface to take legal actions against 2face, the ‘Erema’ singer says a court hearing will be happening in a few weeks.

‘’The court has already served him the documents. You should be at the court hearing in a few weeks don’t worry.’’

Blackface rules out jealousy as the reason for going after 2face in this light, boasts that he isn’t envious, after all he has broken other artists in the industry that went on to become famous and successful, dropping names like Mallam Spicy, Roc Steady and Weird MC.

“Why would I be jealous of 2face? I have made so many artistes famous, for instance, I made Roc Steady and Mallam Spicy famous, they are making money and are famous, so why would I be jealous. I have worked with people like Weird MC as well.”

“So what are they saying? At that time, only 2face knew my song, if he wanted to use my song, he should have just said, I want to record the song, and when he went on TV and was asked about me, he said he doesn’t want to talk about Blackface because he has something to hide.”

2Face & Blackface

Blackface said 2face and his team are out looking for public sympathy, not seeing any reason why the letter served him by 2face’s legal team should be posted online.