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Conversation between i and my friend whose friends dumped MTN because of Don Jazzy…….  

I woke up to a brighter day only for it to become very cold when I read the news of the almighty Marvin Boss, Don Jazzy being strip-off of his multimillion naira contract with the Africa’s giant telecommunication network, MTN and it’s seems to the entertainment industry that nothing has happened? 
Haba! A lot has happened o not only to the entertainment industry but the network provider as well. 
Why will they dump the oracle himself, why can’t they dump people like emmmmm…………
shhhhhhhhhhhi! I hate you! I hate you!! I have told my mother about you. 
Which one be that again? 
No worry, na Abuja new slang wey one oga talk, I go gist you latter! Why do you even want to mention names?
Lol! em Mother na Mamalawo? Anways, many friends I know that are Jazzy’s fans have dumped the network saying they won’t use the network that insulted their artiste!
Haba! Them harsh o! 
Yes nau! 
But the network provider knows what they want nau!
Who’s arguing that one? They know what they want and I and my friends know what we want too! 
So what network are you guys using now? 
e no concern you! We de wait anytime wey any1 give am endorsement, we go start to use the network. 
See you, agbaya! die hard fans, who told you Don Jazzy himself is not using MTN line again even if he was dumped? 
You serious? I swear if he’s still using it, iyala ya em mama when I have broken mine since because of him? 
My dear, tell your friends that life continues, no artiste is worth dieing for o! Don Jazzy does not give a fuck about MTN and their endorsement, he’s moved on since. 
Ehn nau, MTN too does not give a hook about him because they are everywhere you go, so are better artistes to give endorsement. 
………………My name is Bricks and I just want to add Value to your Business.


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