Oh my God! I saw a half dead human!
It is a day etched deeply and painfully in my memory. I saw grief in the parent’s face, mostly the mother. I saw regrets in the face of the sick person; the person yearned for life but life was far away. I am not sure there is any kind of grief quite like the grief of a mother who has to watch one of her children or perhaps her only child go through this kind of excruciating and unending pain.

Obviously, the damage was colossal, it is beyond my imagination and superlative thinking but with a firm belief in God’s intervention, I joined hands with his parents for prayers in a trembling, calm and quiet voice as I was led by the spirit. I was pained, I was angry. A lot run through my mind but I was still and tears roll-down my eyes freely. Quickly, I remembered I was there for a purpose; to console and pray with the sick and not to worsen the already sorrowful situation.

When I was told the pathetic story, I remembered a few who have gone this same way and as usual, the result is always the same, because I met this one, I prayed fervently and earnestly wishing that this case is different.

For those who are conversant with the catholic activities, I’m a legionary, we are usually sent on weekly Evangelism; Yes, Evangelism I said – I know what is running through your mind already, Does Bricks go to Church? Yes! I go to church, I don’t play with my spiritual life but you will never see me carrying it on my head. That is a story for another day.

And while in this Evangelism, it is against the doctrine to share with anyone outside, your encounter except when it becomes a thing you can’t handle, you share during your Presidium meeting and the President may decide for more hands to join you.

Back to the story!

The mother cried aloud for this is her only child that is about to be snatched away by the cold hands of death – She asked what and where she may have gone wrong bringing up the child; Perhaps, it’s time to make conscious efforts in teaching your kids their genders and instill in them moral values and uprightness considering the generation we live-in now. This person may not have been molested; I’m sure this person offered willingly to their request and became a community member.

I was really helpless on this assignment and my partner who was a sister in the Lord had gone berserk and I looked up to heavens calling on mother Mary to intercede on this woman behalf and take our prayers to her son for immediate answer.

Because I was left alone in this while others grief, I became more aggressive in my spirit and I commanded the heavens to open for a restoration and healing. While I prayed angrily, the sick person sneezed and a lot happened, my eyes were still closed and thinking the sneeze was a sign of relief, the hapless Mom with a sorrowful voice cried the loudest and asked we see what she has been talking about……I opened my eyes and behold, the whole bed was messed up with faeces.

I saw remorse, guilt, anguish on the face of the sick! I saw disgust of one-self in a pitiful state of regret. O my days! And all that came out of the mouth of the sick at this time was “Mom, I’m sorry, I know I have taken you through another hell after carrying me for nine months and took proper care of me till I’m 22 now; if I live again, I will turn a new live, I denounce the community and I will make you proud”. At this point, ladies and gentlemen, my strength failed me and I needed to stay out a bit for the place to be cleaned up as we couldn’t take the smell any longer.

For those who don’t have time to read long messages, I’m sure you would want to take a stop here; for you, I mean you! YES! You – I know you will continue to the end so you know how to train your child and pay more attention either male or female.

So let’s continue! The room was cleaned and we came in again with my partner who has been in a shock and devastated by the unfolding event and being held like a sick person after all the happenings she’s been witnessing, I told her to be strong till we get to the end.

The mother begged God to take her life as she can’t live without a child – In continuum, the sick who speak properly took us through the journey of this predicament. This is where the real story begins

Should I continue?
Drop your comment and suspicion of what this whole story is about at the comment section as we wait for the continuation

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