Possible this 26year old writer is still a virgin? her article will be published on brickswritesblog weekly.

Read her article below and argue constructively where you disagree with her.

Ok! It’s the dead of the night and I just feel a strong urge to scribble down something, I mean, I have being wanting to do this for ages and tonight seem like the perfect moment to start this interesting journey with you. Having called the editor few weeks ago and he said “writing is not as easy as you think Girl. You need to send me copies of your writings to ascertain that you can be a columnist in our paper”. So if you get to read this, it means we succeeded; Artemis the goddess of virginity must be beaming with smiles now. I don’t know how or where to start, but then I guess I have to start at a certain point, perhaps from the middle.

The life of an adult virgin living in a city is usually nothing short of drama and intrigue especially if you have got your swag on. Virginity is archaic to our generation but a few of us are keeping the “till marriage” promise. Now not like anyone cares, but I do, virgins do, we are unheard.

I am sure most of you don’t know virgins are one of the most discriminated against. The discrimination is so intense that I can touch it, the reason most virgins deny being virgins when asked by their counterparts, it is the reason this column won’t be carrying a pseudonym, reason I am going to tell people who link me to this article that the stories you will be reading here are fiction.

Simply put, this spot is where we shall be discussing factual issues and lifestyle from a virgin’s perspective, issues relating to virgins, like the societal dangers that come with being a virgin, how to go through virginity gracefully and remain. You will also be reading the happenings and drama in my life because this is also my diary.

This article is for everyone, the virgins and the sexually active, old and young, single and married, the innocence of a virgin is funnily stupid, it is hilarious, an entertainment for everyone, trust me you will be glad you no longer have yours. However VIRGINITY IS BEAUTIFUL, SEX IS AMAZING (from stories I have heard) eventually it is your choice.

My name is ……., I am 26years old, a law graduate, event planner, presenter, creative entity and a hustler; I am a virgin living in the city of Abuja, here is my view and my diary, join me on this costal ride every week on

Did I forget to add the fact that I am a stunner? Yeah……..I am.

See you next week……………………………………………………CHEERS

Hmmmmmmmm! Do you accept her opinion on the Virgin Perspective?

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