As the Nigeria’s Supreme Court decides on the faith of Governor Yahaya Bello as the Kogi state first Man or James Faleke taking over the mantle of leadership of the state tomorrow.   this is what one of his SA posted on his facebook.

Prince Onyekehi Abdulkareem Suleiman, Special Adviser to the Governor of Kogi State on Job Creation, SMEs Development posted this on facebook page.


A little retrospective insights on why James Faleke and Idris Wada has no reason going to any court at all, talk more of the Supreme of all courts for the interpretation of validity of Governor Yahaya Bello.


Participation in APC: His Excellency Alh Yahaya Bello is a registered member of APC, who ‘out of his passion’ for the progress of his country and his confidence in Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership, spent his hard earned money to contribute largely in the presidential election. Under his chairmanship Alh Yahaya Bello and his twin brother Edward Onoja initiated KOGI Youth Arise Group to mobilise the youths heavily across 21LGAs which delivered KOGI for President Buhari.

Having satisfied with the outcome of presidential election, he decided to commence his governorship race to rescue his good people of Kogi State. He bought his governorship nomination form, declared his interest to contest for Governor of KOGI State, participated in the primary election. I was a living witness as a co-agent of AYB with my respected Hon. Edward Onoja in all night of primary election August 29 2015 to be precise at lokoja new int’l stadium where he scored the second highest votes (703). While he still remain a gallant APC Stakeholder, he was challenging the candidacy of late Prince Audu during the campaign period and his petition received maximum attention at APC National Secretariat which was resulted in filing the case in court inspite of the ongoing campaign period. If that was your understanding of not participating in the process perhaps you need to rethink by putting on a new thinking cap to digest it.

Replacement of APC Candidate: The handlers of APC and INEC modus operandi are not dummies. Alh Yahaya Bello was the right person in the eyes of law to replace APC candidate after the death of late prince Audu during the inconclusive election. Why? Because the primary election was still valid, he scored the second highest votes and it was resolved by authorities of National APC Secretariat that AYB’s name be forwarded to INEC to replace the late party’s governorship candidate and the due process was lawfully followed.

Running Mate: James Faleke, sorry for not adding his (supposed) title ‘Honourable’ may be because he has not been acting honourably. Faleke was still a deputy gov candidate and not deputy governor-elect when election was declared inconclusive and he remain same when the Prince Audu died unexpected and unexplainable to any man but as God permitted.

Resignation by Faleke: In the eyes of the law and due process, INEC and APC cannot recognize nor accept purported resignation by Faleke as Deputy Gov Candidate to AYB. Faleke ignorantly wrote to INEC instead of APC. INEC cannot honour such request except it comes from the party APC who forwarded his name in the first place but Faleke never did nor meet up with the allowable period. In view of that, whether he (faleke) agree or not by his verbal refusal, that cannot hold water in the eyes of the law and such the election continued, AYB won and declared by law, and the fact that Faleke did not show up for the swearing in ceremony does not invalidate the Alh Yahaya Bello’s governorship mandate and his inauguration. AYB in agreement with his APC therefore reserves the authority as a Party and as Governor to appoint his deputy of choice.

No where in constitution that says a Governorship candidate must register in his ward or vote or your own vote is what qualifies you to be Governor that is alien to Nigerian constitution. What matters in an election is the total vote cast for the party.

Wada: Ex-Gov Wada’s petition against Gov Yahaya Bello is the most ridiculous. One of the popular extracts of his petition is the claim that the late Prince Audu die with his votes as such INEC should declare him winner. It is ridiculous in the sense that ‘yes’ late Prince Audu (APC Governorship candidate) may be dead but APC is still very very much ALIVE.

In the light of the above insights, the duo (James Faleke and Idris Ichala Wada) has no reason whatsoever going to court to challenge Governor Yahaya Bello’s mandate.

13 court cases so far challenging these preceded incidents through tribunal and appeal courts couldn’t fly because the law does not recognise their baseless petitions and therefore they all lack merits to challenge Governor Yahaya Bello.

Above all, Governor Yahaya Bello has been very fulfilling in the areas of security, civil service reform, economic development.

Kogi State is fast becoming a centre for investment opportunities and attracting investors from various countries under the leadership of Governor Yahaya Bello.

Prince Onyekehi Abdulkareem Suleiman
Special Adviser to the Governor of Kogi State
Job Creation, SMEs Development


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