Dear Sowore,

It’s my pleasure to write to you at a time like this! I hope it meets you well despite your busy schedule disturbing the Nigeria Political Space.

Sowore, I’m happy a Nigerian at your age (47) is pulling serious weight among the youth with interest in the 2019 Presidential race but am sorry to disappoint you with this because i don’t want to join the legion of youths jumping for you because you are only here to deceive, toy with our emotions, get your balance and disappear back to America.

Sowore, i love your doggedness, Fearless and the undying Aluta spirit! I pray every day to be like you in the media but not when am in Nigeria. We love you more as that media owner who exposes the secret of our criminals, looters and never mean well politicians and would prefer you remain and play that crucial role for us because no Nigerian based medium can do this for us.

Why allow yourself to be used by same old people Sowore?

Sowore i know that you are not serious with your ambition and you are being sponsored by same paymaster (An APC Chieftain) to cause commotion and put even the Ruling Party in disarray as a payback to the party because they feel sidelined after getting into power. Sowore i will be atoned shortly after you have identified with a political party and become a substantial 2019 Presidential Flag bearer of a Political party and i will pull my weight on you.

Sowore, this is the plan of the same APC Chieftain who joined forces for the formation and subsequently brought them into power but unfortunately things are not working as planned and looking for a way to payback, i still remember the unforgettable role you played in bringing the present administration into power and this is another strategy by the same person that you working for again and if you think you can always inflict on us injuries that leave us with lasting scars, then you have it all wrong this time.

Sowore i am constrained to put the following questions to you!

Why are the youths always at the receiving end?

How much were you paid to act this movie?

I thought you are civilized and well schooled?

I thought you mean well for Nigerians?

I thought you know what better life means?

Are Nigerians living better life right now?

Why working for these same monsters again?

You live a better life abroad with your family and would always come wreck havoc on us with your fame/platform and disappear?

The Nigerian youth you know are changed, we read between the lines now, we are informed, intelligent and brave enough to know what’s good for us, and you will keep pulling weight if you continue but will immediately crash to zero level when you pretend to have a rethink and probably want to collapse your structure in any guise into anybody other than you.

If you mean well for Nigeria and Nigerians, fight the good fight to the end which will mean even if it takes only you to vote for yourself in 2019 Presidential Election, do it, prove me wrong and let the wrought be on me.

Take this as an advice from a youth in the struggle and i assure you of my almost Two Million (200,000,000) Youth’s support under a Youth Movement Group i am part of, the moment you become a flag bearer. Do not read this with so much hatred because your plans are unveiled but read with astonishment how the plan is noticed.

Thank you very much for not taking this too personal knowing that the truth is told and the plan is scattered.


Yours Sincerely,

Emma Bricks Oko

@bricksmmanuel (IG/Twitter)

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Nigeria's Oko Emmanuel Ekpo popularly known as Emma Bricks Oko is without doubt one of the country's best, versatile young broadcasters in the broadcasting industry today. The multi talented and award winning media personality is the most creative man among his peers in the industry. He has established a strong and authoritative voice in a career that has traversed both Radio & TV studios, diverse beats as Reporter/Editor and Newscaster. He has also ventured into the BUSSINESS of content creation as Creative writer, besides being very successful as a PR executive, promoter, producer, actor and event/artistes manager. Emma Bricks Oko was born on the 15th of June in Yala local government of Cross River State Nigeria. He gained fame and recognition in the media through his first TV programme "Nigerian Roads" in the late 2000s and was nominated for the 2011 NBC awards. He has bagged different awards and ambassadorial recognition which include: -Most outspoken Journalist, 2008 by (Department of Mass Communication, Fed. Poly, Bida) -Media Cancer Ambassador, 2012 by (Fed. ministry of health) -Nigerian Goodwill Ambassador, 2014 by (Nigerian Goodwill Ambassador Agency). After working with different broadcasting firms within the nation's capital which include the following, Independent Television, (ITV), Dasamal Television Network (DTN), love FM and Energy TV, he has registered, a blogging network which will help him to get to the heterogeneous audience as the world has gone digital in broadcasting.


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