Emma Bricks Oko, publisher of Brickswrites.com.ng is +1 today writes emotional letter to himself.

read the letter after the cut…………………….

Dear Self,

Today you are +1. Can you believe it?

As a child you thought that number sounded ancient. You figured by this age you’d be a Father, already owning a home and a mini van. You didn’t realize that you wouldn’t FEEL old. You didn’t know you’d still think the 80′s happened many years ago nor did you believe that time really does speed up as you age.

What a year the last one has been. Major things have been going on, BIG life lessons have been learnt. New dreams, dreads, worries and plans have been realized. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you have done, been and ever will be. You were the year that changed my life, and I know that it can only improve and get better with age.

I learned a lot about myself during this year. I learned that I am brave enough to start anything. I learned the value of commitment, and I learned a lot about communication and love. I learned that I am much braver than I think I am. You are stronger now than you have ever been.

I learned that with a little support and a lot of love from friends and family, i can get anywhere. AND I learned that even without the support and the love, manifesting a positive attitude and putting dreams into actions will help me achieve any dream. Life is all about God, family and dreams at the moment. Getting older is fun when it is done with awesome people.

What I want you to remember is that: you deserve this. Every single good thing? You are worthy of it. You’ve worked so hard to get to this place. You still work every day on yourself and on your relationship. You are always working to better yourself. You’re relentless like that.

Today, on your birthday, you’re giving up body hatred and self-loathing and the not-feeling-good-enough because you are not tall…lol. You’re not going to berate yourself into submission. You’re not going to starve yourself or eat your feelings or wallow in guilt and shame.

You’re going to BE NICE TO YOUR HEIGHT because it will keep you around for a long time and you have a lot of living to do, so much to look forward to.

I know there will be days that you will screw up but just remember that in this life where time is fleeting, there is so much more to give your energy and attention to. You deserve to be happy, to be free from this negativity, to put all that freed up mind space to better use.

Love God, Love Life, Love People!!

Bring it on new age! Let’s see what you have got to offer, what obstacles I need to remove or encounter, what positive, blessed and amazing events can happen and where I will end up next. I am so excited to be with you on this journey.

Happy birthday, handsome.  live out loud.

Forever & always,


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Nigeria's Oko Emmanuel Ekpo popularly known as Emma Bricks Oko is without doubt one of the country's best, versatile young broadcasters in the broadcasting industry today. The multi talented and award winning media personality is the most creative man among his peers in the industry. He has established a strong and authoritative voice in a career that has traversed both Radio & TV studios, diverse beats as Reporter/Editor and Newscaster. He has also ventured into the BUSSINESS of content creation as Creative writer, besides being very successful as a PR executive, promoter, producer, actor and event/artistes manager. Emma Bricks Oko was born on the 15th of June in Yala local government of Cross River State Nigeria. He gained fame and recognition in the media through his first TV programme "Nigerian Roads" in the late 2000s and was nominated for the 2011 NBC awards. He has bagged different awards and ambassadorial recognition which include: -Most outspoken Journalist, 2008 by (Department of Mass Communication, Fed. Poly, Bida) -Media Cancer Ambassador, 2012 by (Fed. ministry of health) -Nigerian Goodwill Ambassador, 2014 by (Nigerian Goodwill Ambassador Agency). After working with different broadcasting firms within the nation's capital which include the following, Independent Television, (ITV), Dasamal Television Network (DTN), love FM and Energy TV, he has registered brickswrites.com.ng, a blogging network which will help him to get to the heterogeneous audience as the world has gone digital in broadcasting.


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