Saw this on the facebook page of an Ebiraman, is it proper for anyone to publicly insult the state in this manner no matter the situation?
read here……………

Ebira Opete Let us think and unit an let Join Hand with This our own Administration. let us not give our enemy Chance to disterbalize our Government for us…Ya Allah Protect Yahaya Bello Adoza 1 of Ebira Land….THE RECENT UNPROVOKED MADNESS AT LOKOJA CENTRAL MOSQUE: MY TAKE, MY SANCTION.
Following the recent unprovoked and unjustified attack on his Excellency, Alh. Yahaya A. Bello at the Lokoja central mosque, though very painful and sad as it was unprecedented and unheard of since the creation of Kogi state, I had managed to subdued my vex and disappointment, but it has become necessary at this juncture, that I expressed my anger as I later also gathered (though it’s veracity isn’t confirmed yet) that the wife of the Governor, Barr. Rashidat Bello was as well previously confronted at Ankpa when she had gone to pay a visit to an orphanage home within the vicinity.
Subsequently, such an act of rascality and barbarism whether sponsored or not, I had expected to be condemned in strong terms by all and sundry, but to my utmost surprise, it was hailed by some of us in this whatss app group as if it was heroic for anybody to have pelted the Chief Executive Officer of the state.
More worrisome is the fact that, this barbaric act was allowed to go unpunished as the perpetrators went unapprehended.
That whether or not, late former governor Abubakar Audu during his reign as the executive governor of Kogi state was ever physically insulted, or his wife prevented from coming to any part of Ebiraland;
That whether or not, despite late Abubakar’s despotic and nepotic leadership style was ever attacked within the state capital or within Ebiraland;
That whether or not, when late Abubakar created LGAs lopsidedly in order to favor his kinsmen, and upon our youths’ protest what was the result; it’s simple our youths were extra-judiciously killed by the security agents on the order of the Almighty Audu;
Whether or not, even when late Abubakar derided us by saying that Ebiraland was already a small London, was he attacked or insulted by the Ebira youths;
That whether or not, Abubakar was ever pelted even when he failed to pay quite a number of salaries of workers in arrears;
Whether or not, he was ever pelted even when he dismissed unjustly some Ebira medical personel from service untimely;
That whether or not, late Abubakar was even booed even when unjustly transferred some vital medical equipments from Obangede Teaching Hospital to their land.
If your answers to all of these questions is “No” then you are not a true Ebira son or daughter when you choose to clap hands and click tumblers because the first Ebira son to ever become governor of Kogi state was pelted by the same people who brought us into this seemingly hopeless situation in Kogi state, in fact, you are more than an idiot if you happened to be happy with this ugly and shameful situation.
Secondly too, throughout Mr. Carpenter’s eight years tenure as the executive governor of Kogi state, was he ever pelted, even when he had sponsored the political killings in our land? Despite his eight years of misrule and mismanagement of our common monthly allocations was he ever pelted in any part of the state? Even when our political icon died in a ghastly motor accident, and when the former governor Ibro came to attend AT’s burial was he pelted.
As Ibro left office then came the most clueless of them all, former governor Idris Wada. Despite the fact that, Wada owed at a time several months’ salaries, was he ever attacked in any part of the state? When Wada just like his predecessors decided to institutionalize ghost workers syndrome in favor of his kinsmen was he ever questioned not to talk of being attacked? When Wada’s wife was awarded contract to supplied Laptops for the state teachers and she decided to hike the prices exorbitantly was she or her husband, Mr governor ever queried, not to talk being attacked.
Summarily despite all the Wada’s misdeeds towards the state at no time was he petitioned or protested against, but here we are attacking both verbally and physically the first Ebira man to ever become the governor of Kogi state.
It’s inarguably true that, it’s not a good experience that some state workers are yet to received their salaries owed in arrears, but indeed, the attacks and name calling is not justified, and we must learn never to wash our dirty linen in the public domain.
It’s therefore my hope that whoever is behind what has happened at Lokoja central mosque must be brought to book so as to serve as deterrence to any future occurrence of such dastardly act.
Failure to bring the perpetrators to book will means that we should start looking forward to seeing a Shiite-like conducts in Kogi state when the satanic-like so called religious group stopped the former governor of Kaduna state from going out on an official visit in the year 2014.
It’s worthy of note too, that the failure of that government to have acted fast and proactively saw the dreaded Muslim sect becoming a republican not until recently when the sect met their Waterloo in the hands of his Excellency, the chief of Army staff, General Buratai which led to the massacre of scores of the Shiite members.

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