Go To Hell If Your Name Was Not Mentioned: Odey Replies Abuja Pageant Producers

 After Amb. Chris Odey’s Open Letter to Abuja Pageant Producers, the Miss Goodwill Ambassador Nigeria Pageant producer got a lot of backlash from other producers whose names where not mentioned in his piece and he finally replies. Read his reply after the cut……………………………

I did not write letter to anyone please…

I only sent out a bc appreciating people in Abuja pageant industry , surely if my readers are educated enough they will find where I actually appreciated everybody but due to space i only mentioned few names, I am disappointed when even wedding planners and live band performing artists will say I didn’t mention their names… Am I your publicist?. 
I Started organising events in 2009 here in Abuja, 7 years now, so those that feel I just came in From Lagos to take over Abuja may be right and wrong with the saying I am new, why is it always how long I have been with losers?… Winners talk about how well I have done.
With no apologies, if you have problem with the names I mentioned well, they are still the few standing, I appraised their fighting spirits not endorsing anyone’s practised.
Abeg jealousy too much for Abuja.
Let’s learn to unite in Abuja like Lagos, see comedians and musicians in Lagos coming together to support each others, but Abuja na gossips and hatred.

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