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The pageant seasons are here again, it’s no news for followers of entertainment business sub-sector in the Federal Capital Territory as you would have noticed the increasing introduction of beauty pageants in various forms and shades.

Are pageants lucrative businesses models go into in Abuja or any other parts in Nigeria that this is peculiar or are you better off doing something else?

We sought to unveil the reasons behind the rapid surge in beauty pageants business. It had to make financial gain to the organisers or so many wouldn’t be involved in them.

Led by the Most Beautiful Girl in Abuja (MBGA) pageant, others such as Miss Ambassador for Peace, Face of Democracy Nigeria and Queen of Aso which seem to be the topping pageants in Abuja and so on have sprung all over Abuja with much respect to the unmentioned.

What makes organising pageants attractive? Are they all as attractive as they look?

The Agbani Darego Connection Holistically- Ever since Nigeria’s own Miss Agbani Darego unexpectedly won the Miss World Beauty Pageant; there has been heightened awareness and involvement in beauty pageants generally in Nigeria.

Beauty Pageants can be money spinners if executed with the right strategy. Sponsorship has never been as big in Nigeria as you get in the western countries but it is on the increase. Big companies are gradually becoming associated with sponsoring one event or idea which they feel will be beneficial to their brands and create more revenues on the long run.

If you are going to start a beauty pageant you need to know how it works, how to raise money and making the pageant profitable. This article is concerned with revealing the possible financial gains involved with organising a beauty pageant.

Here are ways we found that beauty pageants organisers use to make money

– Financial Sponsorships: If your pageant is attractive enough and promises good publicity like (Face of Democracy Nigeria) for any firm involved in sponsoring it  may gets you cool deal with the right pitching, one or several companies to dole out the cash. While it may be difficult to get financial sponsorship in your first edition, if you can pull it off and make it grow popular like (Miss Health Nigeria), corporate organisations will be willing to associate with the beauty pageant in subsequent editions.

– Non-Financial Sponsorships: While it may be more difficult to land financial support for your beauty pageant, it is a bit easier to get companies to support your pageant with non-financial items. Most beauty pageants get boutiques and clothing companies to provide the wears for contestants but this is not peculiar with Abuja pageants. With also a bit of wheel dealing, you get respectable hotels or event venues to host your pageant if they get convinced of the publicity gains they stand to make, the most common in Abuja.


The key is to make a list of everything (materials and services) you need and think which individuals or business can provide you with the items you need for your pageant. You make a list and approach them. Make sure you have a way to convince them of what they stand to gain in terms of publicity and promotion of their products and services by supporting your initiative.

Registration Fees: An indication of how commercial beauty pageants have become is the fact that many pageants now require outrageous fee from aspiring contestants to register. In return the organisers promise star prizes of not less than 1 million and sometimes a car and nothing more. No tours abroad, no charity works for the winners, just a couple of millions and camera flashes. If you don’t want to scare away prospective contestants you will have to find a moderate registration fee.

– Gate fees: Amateur organisers of beauty pageants go on to charge attendance fees for the pageant events. Why would I want to pay as high as N5,000 for a beauty show that probably does not make sense and has no recognition value whatsoever. Making money from gate fees and charging for tables for VIPs is something that comes when you have built a very popular robust pageant brand which celebrities and other personalities in the entertainment industry will want to attend, until then, you can only stick to the above tips.

Even though a few pageants make money for the organisers don’t think that beauty pageants are still the money spinners they were several years ago. There is now serious competition for sponsorship in all ramifications among pageant organisers and you will have to come up with something ingenious to grab the attention of sponsors or participants.

All over the globe, the beauty pageant industry is becoming less attractive and even if a few still make money from it, you can easily lose money organising one so how lucrative has been to you?

Irrespective of what is done behind the scene, only a few pageants in Abuja seem like what is seen.


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