Call me names if you wish but please take your time to read through before crucifying or calling me names.

I am not writing because am a supporter of violence against women nor saddest, evil or what have you but certain things are better treated in a civilized manners which everyone expects Big Brother Nigeria to do. 

Am not leading a protest against the disqualification of Kemen but his monumental exist from the house, i titled this piece “Kemen’s Exist, A Monumental Disgrace” because he will forever live with the stigma which the Big Brother Nigeria Management didn’t consider before taking such a drastic decision even when they are aware that he will be evicted for getting the lowest vote among housemates that are up for eviction, the management however lack PR ability to control situation which has resulted in tarnishing the image of the subject matter who scaled through the tedious audition to get to the house. 

 It’s a privilege to be selected among the over 4,000 contestants who put in for the 2017 Big Brother Naija after resumption from the about 11years sabbatical leave of the TV reality show. 

 I know people are calling me names already without waiting to get the angel am coming from and if you are among such people, please stop here and consider me that thing you actually thinking! but if you would hear me out please be my guest……..

 Image Making and Brand Management is one of the most difficult thing in the entertainment industry globally! And Kemen’s hope is dashed to the forest as the management could not handle the little fame he’s got from the big brother house, rather returning home shameless and hopeless without future in the industry because no company would give him endorsement after the worldwide embarrassment he’s got from the house, some people already call him “rapist” imagine inviting a rapist for your event or branding a rapist an your company Ambassador.

Brand image is the set of beliefs held about a particular brand/person knowing fully well that better positive brand image and attitudes is more likely to achieve heightened development within relevant market. Therefore, choosing a celebrity/face who is going to beneficially contribute to the existing, or intended image and attitudes of the brand is vital to ensure the success of the celebrity branding. Tell me what company will Endorse Kemen?

And to the white bitch devil (Tboss) as addressed by fellow housemate, Bisola is cooling in the house and happy that Kemen is gone? Remember her conversation with Debbie-Rise that same “if i like you, i like you but if i don’t like you, i don’t like you” so it because of her hatred for Kemen that has chased him out of the house now right?

Now you all tell me! Is Tboss the only beautiful housemate? NO

Is Tboss the only reserve housemate? NO! The most intelligent Housemate? NO then tell us the special thing about her that has chased two housemates (Miyence and Kemen) away, who is next? TTT? Because it seems she draws you closer and push you out of the house entirely.

Why are we not reading meanings to this? When Miyence was up for eviction and eventually evicted, was the result shown like every other set? NO, read the handwriting on the wall! Why are issues of Tboss taken seriously as compare to others?

Please the management of big brother Nigeria should come out and tell us in a plan language the offer they have got to keep Tboss in the house, to me and many others. She is not relevant in the house and she confirmed it herself to the housemate that she’s a politician and not entertainer, what has she got to offer?

Hope you all now know the angel am coming from and not really supporting Kemen’s advances on Tboss sexually, the video is actually not giving us the clear picture though but the ladies should answer this! Possible you are drunk and now aware of a special sensation? Even when she reacted to it according to the video made available?

Crucify me you don’t understand!

Support me if you share my opinion!

#treatkemenright #givekemenjustice

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